Dear Nurse Educators,
Welcome once again to this online program of clinical education!  After the introductory module, you will see the SETTI (a self evaluation of your confidence with regard to teaching in the clinical area).  Right before the SETTI are a few demographic questions. Along with these demographic questions, I ask that you enter a security code – suggested is your mother’s maiden  name and birth date.  Your responses are  totally anonymous;  the code is used to assure that I have pre and post data for research purposes.
One other small point; the first module on philosophy is about strategies for teaching. You will also find strategies suggested throughout all of the modules. Following each module are two very simple quiz questions – your responses are only for check in purposes – do not stress about these!

Feel free to call or email me with any questions?  404 754-4935;  email:

I hope these are enjoyable and informative!

Thank you once again,

Jeannie Weston


Now that you have completed the introduction, please complete the SETTI pre-test.

SETTI Pre-Test